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As automation, av and lighting designers, we create a variety of designs from: whole house integrated solutions, through single system requests to the whole house such as lighting design and control, to one room solutions that employ a number of disciplines such as Cinemas, and everything in between.


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With the leaps in technology, we now do most of our consultancy design remotely from video and commentary creating a quick and efficient service, which offers greater value for money for the customer, whilst allowing us to impart our knowledge, design expertise and years of experience much further afield.

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    The industry leader in lighting and blind control, with it's constant innovations keeping it one step ahead of the rest.


    Brought multi-room Audio out of simply the luxury market into the mass market whilst retaining quality with it's wireless home sound system that sets up quickly and makes listening easy.

    Control 4

    Allow you to experience whole home automation with everything working together to create a lower stress, more comfortable, enjoyable home. They do the hard work so you don't have to!


    Are driven by their passion for creating uncompromised listening experiences, going beyond an audiophile sound to cater for the purists, where it simply all about the music!


    Is the world's leading provider of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, it has brought high end cutting edge functionality to the mass market with customised solutions to meet diverse market requirements.
    1What is a smart home?

    Good question, to which there is no simple smart answer! It would be simpler to answer the question 'What does the ultimate smart home look like?' To which the answer would go down the lines of a home where you have one point of control that is available in the same format on your phone, tablet, TV, wall station, computer and remote, allowing you to at the touch of a button control nearly every aspect of your home due to integrated programming. Indeed a lot of actions will take place automatically because you will have requested for them to be programmed as such, with all this integration having one ultimate goal and that being to reduce your stress and increase your overall enjoyment of your home, for if it doesn't achieve this then there is nothing smart about it at all!

    However homes that are scaled down versions of 'the ultimate' due to budget restrictions, where the systems may exist but with their own independent control from individual apps are still smart and can be enjoyed as such. Designed in such a way that they can involve as and when the client chooses to. Read more

    2Do I need central control for a smart home?
    Although it is preferable you don't need central control for a smart home, for each application will come with it's own form of control whether that is a remote, a phone/tablet application or both. These can simply sit as a folder on your phone/tablet where you hold all the independent applications, which is still a whole lot smarter than not having them!
    3I don't live in a footballers house can I afford to make my home smart?
    Of course you can for there are all sorts of solutions to suit an individuals budget. The most important thing is to take good advice as you embark on trying to design a smart home the can adapt to your ever evolving circumstances, whatever they may be.
    4Can you control less fun products like my heating?
    Heating control in recent years has become smarter at all ends of the market whether it be the mainstream high street simple whole house controls that are accessible remotely from your phone, through to individual thermostat room control that can be brought together on a control system to give you specific room control from anywhere on your phone, tablet or PC. Such control systems can also do the same for cooling if air con is present.

    1Can you create lighting design plans for our finished house that can be installed without too much disruption?
    Yes this isn't a problem as we have a range of products that work through the wifi and require less hardwiring that can be controlled by remotes, battery controlled wall stations or any phone/tablet device. Disruption is then minimised to the ceiling not the walls and can usually be installed by lifting the floor boards above. Eliminating the need for individual wires being channeled back to the switch and allowing for more controllable zones of lighting. Read more
    2Is investing in lighting control as well as the fittings and layout design always worth it?
    Yes nearly always as it allows you to create a variety of different scenes and moods to each individual room that allows you to use the same space in different ways in the evening. Also it is not comfortable to sit under the equivalent of 50w downlights without dimming them somewhat, yes you could wire back to a rotary dimmer switch, but the more lighting zones you have the less appropriate this becomes. Indeed the only time it is not really worth it is if we have been mainly employed to replace decorative fittings in rooms that have a maximum of three zones of lighting that already has the switching in and the budget is tight, for this would be one of our more cosmetic installs.
    3How hard is it to retrofit lighting control?

    To Hardwire a system back to a main control panel can be quite disruptive if the house isn't under going renovation at the time but not impossible with some vast experience of routing cables cleverly, and these systems are the most robust.

    However the alternatives have improved in quality and reliability, which create less disruption to your property. They our often more favourable where the lighting design of one room is being considered, requiring one to establish the permanent incoming lighting feed to the ceiling and from this point routing cable for each zone of lighting where a radio frequency remote control dimmer will be located in the ceiling. Then from each of these each light on that particular zone will be wired in series. No other cable is required to be routed to switches as it is all done through wifi to battery operated wall stations and tablet devices, so the walls aren't touched.

    4Have led fittings improved in their ability to dim on control systems?
    The answer to this is yes and to a degree they are ever evolving to offer you more and more control over them. However they still don't quite deliver the control you may have enjoyed over your halogen bulbs, especially at the lower end of the dimming curve.

    1Can I create a good quality cinema on a budget?
    Yes you can! As is the case with many technology driven industries the price has come down allowing quality into the mainstream. Indeed we recently fully installed in the rear lounge of a normal family home a 5.1 projection cinema with 100" screen for £4,2000. However this isn't all you got for your spend, for this included an additional 100" translucent screen and two outdoor waterproof stereo speakers that created an outdoor cinema on the garden threshold using the equipment you had already purchased inside! Read more
    2Can I reduce the number of remote controls required to operate my cinema?
    Of course you can, simply by introducing to your smart home a whole house control system, such as control 4, that can be programmed to control a multitude of devices at the touch of one button. Pulling together your projector, automated screen, sky box, amp and audio system by simply pressing cinema on on your phone. For the hard work is done for you so you don't have to.
    3Is it easy to retrofit a cinema into an existing finished space?
    It is if you have the know how and you have some luck on your side! The projector that is usually located on the ceiling will require cabling to from the gear that is more than likely located in a unit within the room, the screen of automated will require power cabling to it and the speakers whether they are floor, wall or ceiling mount will require cabling also. This will be made much easier by the ability to gain access from above by lifting floors and getting underneath the floor below. Next it will be trying to assess wether their is an obvious riser to route cable between floor and ceiling without chiselling out walls. However if there is no alternative it is about picking your spots to minimise damage.
    4How do I get one of your outdoor cinemas designed into my property?
    The easiest way to achieve this is on your patio threshold as all the gear can mount inside and act as an indoor cinema, then with a press of a button the image can flip be back projected through an additional translucent screen with the help of two in-line wall mounted stereo speakers, with additional speakers available as an added extra. However we have found the majority of people are more than satisfied outside with the stereo speakers.

    1Is sound quality worth spending the extra money on?
    Only you can answer this, but the help we can give is: if you can notice the difference, have a passion for good quality sounds and as a result value the premium you will pay for such things as high fidelity sound, then yes it is worth spending extra on sound quality. However if you are more concerned with functionality and a greater spread of audio across your home then mainstream music distribution systems will more than suffice offering you a cost saving and pretty much the same usability. Read more
    2What areas of the house should I prioritise as audio zones?
    The key areas we recommend are the: Kitchen, Master Bathroom, Garden, Lounge in that order of priority, with other bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas coming further down the pecking order as they are simply used less and somewhat of a luxury purchase.
    3What speakers do you recommend for where?
    For multi room audio if there is an opportunity to wire for ceiling speakers in areas where worktop space is precious, like the Kitchen, Bathrooms and Bedrooms, then this would be preferable. Also in a boys toys world they just look and feel a cooler cleaner way to deliver music whether relaxing or entertaining. Just make sure you account for acoustic hoods where it is not concrete floors, so you are not playing music to the room above also! Other areas dependent upon budget could simply be treated to plug in built in amp table top speakers that can be assigned a room for control but easily moved. Finally the garden would require wall mount or floor mount waterproof stereo speakers dependent upon the area concerned.
    4Are these systems easy to retrofit?
    They can be extremely easy if you go for all plug in wifi applications, but become more difficult the more ceiling speakers and high quality sound you require, that creates more cabling and subsequently more disruption if retrofitting. Again here experience is worth it's weight in gold to minimise disruption with intelligent cable routes.

    1Is it easy to watch my cameras from anywhere remotely?
    Over the past couple of years this has started to become an industry standard for good quality systems, with only low end budget products not offering this now and even some of them offer some for of this remote viewing as well. Read more
    2How long before your CCTV hard drive's record over themselves?
    It depends on how many terabytes you purchase but on average for a solid system you should be looking at around 4 months of recording time.
    3Can you integrate the alarm and the locks into a smart home?

    Yes you can at the higher end where there is a control system sitting over your whole smart home. This will enable you to control your alarm from it and deal with it remotely, allow the lights to be programmed to come on automatically if the alarm or CCTV are programmed to trigger them. The system can then alert you remotely wherever you may be that there is a problem at the property.

    As for the locks there are digital locks linked to these control systems, but we advise against them in favour of the traditional key. As this is where present technology stops for us for it is one thing if someone managed to hack your lights or your audio, it is another if it is the front door to your house! With the furthest we are willing to go being remote access to the drive gates to let a guest in. This product is the best example of our relationship with technology at present and where trust for us doesn't stretch.

    4Is an automated gate and door entey system worth investing in?
    It depends on the size of your front garden and subsequent distance from drive entrance to front door, ease of access to the rear of your property, whether you have expensive cars on the drive that would benefit with another barrier of security, and ultimately whether you see yourself as a target that another layer of security would help with. Often in built up inner city locations they are somewhat pointless and become somewhat of a nuisance rather than a help.

    1Are automated blinds worth the expense?
    It is no doubt they are a luxury product and hence require one to question how much value they place upon them. Whether it is the fact: that they simply love how cool they look and feel as a technology product; that they, in the same way as lights now do, make you look as though you are home when you are not; that they can or programmed to steadily awake you naturally to daylight over any allotted period of time required; that they can protect pieces of artwork from the sunlight by being programmed to do so; that they can go in windows that are impossible to reach without a ladder or a stick; that they don't leave strings dangling in windows and doors; to highlight the main purchasing decisions. Read more
    2Can they be retrofit into finished rooms?
    Yes they can now, with battery operated blinds they can pretty much go anywhere. However here paying for quality makes a significant difference with: the number of raise and lowers to battery life, the noise of the motor during the process, the speed of proceedings, the weight of the fabric that can be used, the max width the blind can span on larger windows, and the ability to programme exactly the same speed with other blinds in the same view.
    3How long do the batteries last on retrofit products?
    On good quality products it is literally years and thousands of raise at lowers. Obviously it is always dependent upon usage and fabric weight, but with better quality comes less maintenance and subsequently less stress.
    4Do I have the choice of fabrics and designs?
    With the ranges we use and install their is a vast range of fabrics, styles and designs. As well as the ability to adapt some existing blinds to motors where possible.